Hackathon 2016 : Deep Mind

WebApp - WatchUs

A WatchUs is push-button Rakyat Emergency App that connects directly to the multiple emergency rescue teams (police, hospital & fire station) while reducing liaison with emergency rescue personnels (on-phone). GPS coordinates, ETA, ETD to hospital, real-time prehospital, pre-crime data (video, pics, EKG) will be transmitted to all parties. The Rescuer Response Webapp allows the closest emergency rescuers to respond immediately. WatchUs aims to eliminate 25mil crank calls (2014) by KYC & identify validation

Hackathon 2016 : Apa Nama


Malaysia Vacation Center (MVC)

Pusat maklumat percutian malaysia dan agensi pelancongan yang berdaftar di malaysia

Hackathon 2016 : Beta Wave

Mobile App - myCuepacsCare

myCuepacsCare adalah sebuah aplikasi mobile yang dibangunkan bertujuan untuk memudahkan pengguna terutamanya penjawat awam mendapatkan maklumat berkaitan manfaat, skop perlindungan, cara penggunaan kad dan lain-lain berkaitan CUEPACSCARE dengan mudah, cepat dan pantas. Aplikasi ini juga membolehkan pengguna mencapai maklumat hospital yang berdekatan dengan lokasi semasa pengguna.

WebApp & MobileApp - MyEdu-X

This project uses open data the percentage of employment status university graduates for 2015 obtained from this data.gov.my. one initiative 'Big Data Analytics (BDA) is required to utilize this data for create useful information.

Hackathon 2016 : Noodle

MobileApp - Dengue Alert

This product provides the latest information about dengue as the number of deaths and the number of cumulative cases. The graphs include, dengue hotspots, forecast dengue, dengue prevention tips and symptoms of dengue to increase consumer awareness of the dangers of dengue.

Hackathon 2016 : UMPFLYER

WebApp - Strategic Dashboard for Monitoring Dengue

This system provides an E-Dengue Analytical Dashboard complete with elements of integration, paperless, analytical, strategic, dengue early warning, forecasting and automation technologies that adapt ICT ecosystem as a major catalyst in solving the major problems of this country.

Hackathon 2016 : Team Minion

WebApp - Healthie

This App has 4 main functions: 1. Users can search for health services based on their location and function of "search engine". 2. Profile of health services (addresses, existing services, number of hospital beds). Users can also rate and comment on relevant health services. 3. Diary Healthie: this function is to record health statistics such as height, weight, glucose level, blood pressure and so on. 4. The "What's Trending": the latest news and information about health, campaigns and so on are shown here

Hackathon 2016 : Sweet coder

Telegram + web + API - Health First

Telegram Bot: @MySuriBot. Application that allows people to communicate and get information about government services at any time.

Hackathon 2016 : BTMK JKMM

Web App - Analyzing the application of the Air Pollutant Index (API) in Malaysia

Applications developed will analyze the data obtained from the Department of Environment regarding the Air Pollutant Index readings in malaysia. Patents obtained from the analysis process can be used to reference the public and relevant agencies (preventive and improvement).

Hackathon 2016 : Aficionado

Mobile App - We Care

We Care is a program Andriod Mobile Application Helps To Restore drug addiction. It has featured INFORMATION decision function and effects of drug misuse, drug abuse statistics are added, anti-drug Volunteer Registration Form, the location of the agency's Office of Transportation and information agency. The application also has a display resolution of Real-Time Counter The number of drug addicts Generated USING fire Budget analysis (trend analysis, forecast)

Hackathon 2016 : CyberX

WebApp - Lensa Dadah

Provides an understanding of drug issues faced in Malaysia and analyze the issue from a different perspective.

Hackathon 2016 : FAIZ2016

WebApp - PkeM – Mining Road Accident In Malaysia

Enforcement of traffic laws and summons seen still less effective in disciplining the Malaysian driver. The death toll on the roads continues to increase despite the "Ops Attitude" is held every year. The slogan "speed kills" does not give ikhtibar to the driver. Research studies have found the Paris International Transport Forum, Malaysia was ranked among the top with the highest mortality rate of one in 100,000 people. Based on the 23.8 deaths per 100,000 population in 2007, the death rate due to accidents in Malaysia is 6.3 times higher than the United Kingdom (UK), Sweden and the Netherlands. Last year, 6,640 road accidents occurred or 18.2 deaths per day, which means every 1 hour 20 minutes one Malaysian were killed on the roads. Although the Ministry of Transport has already implemented the automated enforcement system involving the use of cameras in order to enhance and increase enforcement at accident blackspots, but business is still perceived to be less effective because of the accident trend is still increasing every year. Accordingly, the EMC system has been developed which is able to make a descriptive analysis of deaths due to road accidents, accidents trend and forecast (prediction) is the probability that an accident will happen in every state in Malaysia. Information from the analysis of actual data will be able to educate and warn users to be more careful when driving on the road and always "remember" the risk of accidents in certain areas. The EMC application software and technology developed with the latest analytical data, and be able to be reached via mobile phone and is very easy to "visualize" the desired information either through text, graphics, images or video.

Hackathon 2016 : SOASWT

MobileApp - school+

School + comprise analytic platform (school + dashboard) and mobile applications (school + equipment). Both these platforms can be used to assist the Ministry of Education (MOE) and administrators make decisions. Data were collected from 37 premier data set contained in the portal data.gov.my, 2 sets of secondary data through reports issued by the ministry and also the data obtained through the concept of public outsourcing (crowdsourcing). The data obtained are then processed in accordance with the desired analysis.

Hackathon 2016 : A Team

MobileApp - Transpotter App

TranSpotter adalah satu aplikasi peranti pintar mudah alih yang dibangunkan oleh Kumpulan A-Team UiTM yang membolehkan pengguna untuk membuat sebarang aduan kesalahan lalulintas secara crowd-sourcing/aduan komuniti.

Hackathon 2016 : B Team

MobileApp - VEMA App

VEMA is a concept vehicle management applications 'reminder system', which aims to increase consumer awareness and knowledge related to their vehicles. Unlike existing applications the market is more focused on financial controls, unique VEMA approach is to use Safety First.

Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia : myHealth

The official app from Ministry of Health Malaysia.

A handy tool for information on health facilities, health risk and assessment, list of registered practitioners, tips, FAQ and more.

Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia : myJakim

The official app from Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Offers great information for the devout Muslim. Features include:

  • Solah information and guide
  • Mosque and Qiblah locator
  • Comprehensive Halal Directory
  • Animated daily Doa


Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK)

The official app from Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives and Consumerism Malaysia.

A great app to ensure smart consumerism. Contains useful information on price watch for controlled items, 1M retail outlets, standards on ethical domestic trade and a direct link to the Malaysian Consumer Tribunal.

Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD)

The official app from Malaysia's Land Public Transport Commission.

Aplikasi mySPAD mengandungi informasi tepat tentang terminal, laluan dan jadual pengangkutan awam seperti LRT, KTM komuter, bas awam, perkhidmatan teksi dan sebagainya. Perkhidmatan yang memberi kesenangan kepada pengguna bagi merancang jadual.

Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia : SELAWAT

Introducing 'Selawat', a new mobile application by JAKIM in conjunction with Maulidur Rasul, the birth of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. This app contains Prophet Muhammad S.A.W's ' Selawat' as a handy guide easily accessible to all Muslims.

Malaysian Health Technology Assessment : myMAHTAS

The official app from Malaysian Health Technology Assessment Section (MaHTAS), Ministry of Health Malaysia.

A niche but informative app on Malaysia's clinical practices as assessed by the Malaysian Health Technology Assessment section. Eg:

  • Medical and cosmetic procedures
  • Regenerative medicines
  • Pharmaceutical products and more